Vendor Information

Plans for the Nokian Tyres Dayton, Tennessee, facility are in preliminary stages and we are incredibly excited about this amazing opportunity to produce tires in our first North American factory. Having just made this announcement, Nokian Tyres is at the very beginning of the planning phase. As Nokian Tyres moves from this initial approval to the in-depth planning, into construction and eventually staffing, we look to keep the community informed and involved with our progress.

Timeline of Events

May 2017 – Dayton, TN, factory announced
Early 2018 – Construction begins
Early 2020 – Production begins

Construction plans

In this endeavor, Nokian Tyres looks forward to thinking globally and acting locally – creating jobs and joining forces with Rhea County, Tennessee, to help in its continued economic growth.

As Nokian Tyres dreams up and implements plans for the new facility, which will produce about 4 million tires each year, distribute and store them, they grow with excitement for the opportunities for engagement at the regional level while continuing to support our global partners.


We are happy to be the point of contact for vendors with Nokian Tyres.  We welcome the opportunity to engage with both local and global vendors. Through this joint effort we will be able to keep companies informed of prospects and ways to convene, collaborate and create as they arise.